Monday 24 November 2014

what I did at farmers market at high street phoenix

I have been away from the blogging scene for a while..London left me an amazing hangover .. Dance workouts, baking  and all the other things I wanted to do have kept me distracted .. And I am finally get back on track..
Since 2-3 days people around me have asked me about my blog and one someone asked what would I do with all these food pictures after 2-3 years they are just taking a lot of space in your hard disk..and I knew the answer to his question.. I knew exactly how pictures from the yester years make me smile..and I told him how does an old picture of an picture of your girlfriend make you pictures make me feel exactly that..
So I thought I needed to start writing again..felt like it was a sign to just express the way I feel.. About my one true love : Food
Yesterday I visited the mumbai farmers market by karen anand at high street had home bakers , teas , pantry staples , wines equipments (read barbeques) , and other things.
Out of all these, 2 stalls particularly had my attention : Frugur pops and goosebumps pickles
Frugur pops is famous popsicle idea which I have eaten even before at weddings and every time I eat these I am over joyed .. I feel like I am ten feasting on walls' SOLO (I'm sure everyone remembers this one).. So ya, the fruitilicious pop is a mixed fruit popsicle with kiwi , strawberry , orange amongst other fruits..the best part is its real fruit nothing artificial about it. They have other fruit flovours as well , peach and gauva , green apple mint tea ,and even milk based other halves..but I stick the mixed fruit..these guys are doing an amazing job they work from a central kitchen and don't have a store yet , but u can place orders with them , they do parties and weddings and other events.. The are utterly delish and if u ever get spot them..u don't want to miss the zip-locked pop..(P.S : I have pure lobe for packaging and other details being an artist myself)

Second thing that took my attention was goosebumps pickles. I have special love for pantry staples : dips , salsas , chutneys and pickles
Goosebumps have a home kitchen the mom makes and the daughter is doing an amazing job promoting her moms talent.
They have 15 odd varieties . My favourite was the olive and jalapeños pickle. And I must say the flavor left a memory on my tongue. I'm going to order a bottle soon.
That's that for now..and you guys are going to see more of me soon :)
Adios amigos

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  1. Goosebump Pickles sound interesting specially when I love Jalepenos :-p I would love to try it next time I fly in with the roomali papad...its like forever stuck in my head :-p